Friday, June 25, 2010

Setting the scene for my blogs about the Natural World

The purpose of this blog is to record and share things I see and learn about the Natural World in two places in the UK: a town setting in Wimbledon, London and a remote mountain setting in Senni, Wales. The houses in these two areas were built in the 19th century and have gardens which I tend. They are also close to open spaces with a range of wild life and plants which I plan to discuss here. 

As the natural cycle of changes take place  during the year and the effects of climate change begin to alter these environments, my observations have often surprised and delighted me. I plan to share them here.

So, this is just setting the scene for the blogs to follow.

My blogs about my Intel/Windows computers and how I manage them are at

Wimbledon, London
13:11 on Friday, 25 June 2010

I moved permanently to Senni, Wales in May 2014.
Christopher Spry

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